Stacey Gray

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern                             Therapist

Case Manager                                                                     Board Member, Gifted Ones, Inc.

Social Worker                                                                     Wife, Mother and Advocate

Stacey Gray is a Registered Licensed Clinical Social Work Intern. She graduated from the University of Central Florida where she earned her Master’s degree in Social Work and her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Bethune Cookman University.

Stacey has worked in the clinical social work setting for over ten years and has had the privilege of assisting and working with diverse populations, including but not limited to; children and adolescents, families, same sex couples, veterans, women, homeless individuals/families and individuals diagnosed with chronic medical issues and mental illnesses.  She has worked with these populations in both private and governmental settings.

Throughout her career, Stacey has utilized the application of intensive case management, problem solving, communication and conflict management to provide a holistic continuum of care to the disenfranchised populations that she serves.  She has facilitated a series of psycho-educational groups designed to support parents and adolescents in the lower socio economic communities of Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. 

Her experience includes positions as Program Director, Medical Social Worker and Case Manager, for various agencies serving vulnerable populations including indigent adults, homeless mothers and children and pregnant/parenting teenagers.

Stacey is also a University of Central Florida Certified Field Instructor and is also a Certified SOAR Representative. She has also volunteered as a Guardian Ad Litem of Seminole County.

Stacey believes that as a social worker, it is critical to examine an individual within the context of their environment in order to have the greatest impact on the client and the family structure. Through Stacey’s non-judgmental stance and sincere acknowledgement of the client’s accomplishments, she builds trust and confidence within the therapeutic relationship.  

Currently accepting new clients.