Diazina Mobley

Licensed ​Clinical Social Worker                              State Qualified Supervisor 

Therapeutic Coach                                                   Executive Director, Gifted Ones, Inc.

Spiritual Leader                                                       Dedicated Wife, Mother and Friend

Diazina is a state Licensed Clinical Social Worker in good standing with over 18 years of social work experience. She earned a Master’s degree in Social Work from Simmons College in Boston, MA and an undergraduate degree in Administration of Justice and Business from Howard University in Washington, DC. She earned her Florida Licensure in March 2013 and became a Qualified Supervisor in October 2014.

Diazina is an experienced and practicing therapist who works with individuals, couples and families who are dealing with life changes. Proven success in areas working with issues of grief and loss, depression, self-esteem, child and adolescent behavioral issues, healthy relationships and effective communication skills with adults and youth adolescent and pre-adolescents, families in crisis, homeless populations, and pregnant and parenting teens and their families. She is a compassionate and skilled group facilitator on topics including parenting skills, court ordered sessions for divorcing parents and adults and young people struggling with self-esteem and relationship issues.

Diazina specializes in working with committed adults who are at a crossroads in their life and are seeking fulfillment and peace, but are stuck. She believes in using a holistic approach to therapy--integrating the mind, body and spirit of the individual. She believes that it is through a respectful and trusting partnership between therapist and client that the individual will be guided on their path to healing and self-discovery.

Diazina is a capable Program Director and team leader with a gift for recognizing individual strengths and supporting team members to exercise their full potential both professionally and personally. She is a seasoned field instructor for masters and bachelor level social Work student interns. Diazina is a Florida Qualified Supervisor and provides individual and group supervision for masters level clinical social workers pursuing state licensure.

Diazina is an impassioned and respected social worker, counselor, coach, mentor and leader within the therapeutic community, faith based and non-profit institutions and entrepreneurial endeavors including the founding of Gifted Ones, Inc., a not-for-profit organization that provides counseling, coaching, educational and mentoring services to adolescents and families in transition.

Diazina believes that self-understanding is crucial to the success and healing of us all. She believes that all people have within them a divine spark of wisdom that, with wise counsel and mindful guidance, will lead them to a more peaceful, fulfilled and self-expressed life.

Currently accepting new clients.