Only you know if it is the right time to begin a counseling relationship. Counseling takes work - it takes commitment of your time and energy. Consider the following questions:

  • Do I feel comfortable expressing myself to my partner or spouse?
  • Am I overwhelmed by feelings of sadness or despair?
  • Have I been feeling anxious and/or depressed and it's not getting better?
  • Do I constantly think about times that I have been hurt by others? 
  • Is it hard for me to fall asleep/stay asleep? Am I sleeping more than usual?
  • Am I hardly ever hungry? Do I seem to be eating constantly?
  • Do negative thoughts and feelings interfere with my work and/or home life?

If these questions seem to ring true for you, you may need help. It many not be easy to take the first step, but imagine having peace of mind in the above areas. How would your life be different. You are worth it!

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how do i know if i'm ready?
Why Counseling? WHY NOW?

No two paths are the same. Therefore the counseling experience will be different for each individual. Our therapists are compassionate and skillful at helping individuals, couples and families identify areas that are not working in their lives.  

Coping with Past Hurts                    Loss of a loved one                                 Trauma

Anxiety                                              Depression                                              Life Change

Relationship Issues                          Effective Communication‚Äč                       Blended Families

Medical Social Work                         New Medical Diagnosis                          Caregiver Support

Once identified, the process of healing can begin. Our skilled therapist will partner with you to deliver the very best in evidence based practices and techniques that are best suited for your specific situations. 

now what?